As a company we strive for the very best, and we demand the same of all our staff. Each member has core skills and capabilities they bring to the Construction Process, and excel at the core objectives of any construction project – quickly understanding the vision for the project and the way the many unique parts come together to create a finished project – to the highest standard each and every time.

At RGR BUILDERS, what sets us apart is our investment in people. People are the key to our success in business And we back our people with the resource to overcome those challenges required to succeed.




Our Company Core values revolve around three key words that every action RGR Builders takes must measure up to. These words are: Integrity, Pride, and Enjoyment.



Our top level goal is always to build with integrity by being honest and open with our clients, consultants, subcontractors, and co-workers as well.  We recognize that without a high level of trust, the vital relationships that can make or break a project will dissolve.



We insist to all our site staff and management a sense of self achievement and personal responsibility to provide a feeling of personal pride for each person who works on RGR BUILDERS project. It’s personal pride in a job well done, whatever the task.



We understand that each stakeholder in a project has a job to do. However we also know that if people enjoy what they do, they’ll be happier, healthier and achieve more. For most of us, work is a big part of life and life is for enjoying. That’s why at RGR BUILDERS, we always do our best to make every job enjoyable, so all who work with us will have a good time doing it.


These three core values are a reflection of the good old fashioned values of hard work & trust which we have based our business on. When we add in our combined experience, careful planning, and a ‘can-do’ attitude, we believe we have created a very strong and appealing business model. This is the reason why, we at RGR BUILDERS, now have a sound base of repeat clients that know and trust our company, and enjoy the building process with us.

We are 100% privately owned & operated, both directors are taking personal pride in every project that RGR BUILDERS  delivers, striving to always exceed Client & Consultant’s expectations.

RGR BUILDERS  assists its clients by providing a single point of contact, handling project management, cost control, on site management of all the various complex undertakings of a Construction Project. Our personnel have extensive construction experience. We understand the importance of interface management and ensure effective communication at all project levels. Depending on our role, we can provide our clients with a full design & build service, adding design development and value engineering to our range of services. We have particular strengths in quickly understanding the vision of the project, developing the most time & cost efficient methodology so that we can offer our clients the best complete package. Above all, we are determined to become a top-class construction firm by developing into a total solution provider that uses experiences accumulated from various projects around the world to develop and provide value to customers.


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