“Mr. Rolando is very approachable. We had so much problems on looking for good welders and RGR provided us what we need and we are very thankful that we met a good company like RGR Builders.”


Mhike Banasta, Admin Manager - AHTP​

“RGR is one of the best contractor that we encountered. Aside from being excellent on their works, they are also very flexible on the payment and they can adjust based on the allotted budget for the project.”

LDV Construction

“I once asked RGR to do some repair works on one of our facilities and luckily, I made the right decision and they did a great job.”


Bernadette Ramiro, Proprietor - MOVE Gas Station​

“Rolando is one of my colleagues before. He is very hardworking and very good at his crafts. Now, I have my own company and it's good to know that Rolando also have his own and I assure you that they can give you quality works for a good price.”

Reynaldo Cabrera, Owner - RJAC CTER

“Doing business with RGR is as easy as dealing with your own employees. They can adjust easily on their surroundings which is a good traits of a contractor.”


Allan S. De Luna, General Manager - ASD Pipeplast​

“RGR is a good contractor. They are easy to deal with and they can offer you affordable rates for their services but with quality works”

Engr. Mark Gerard J. Rosales, Stelaron Plant Manager​

“RGR under ASD Pipeplast performed a very excellent job during the dismantling and installation of our old drainage system. They replace the carbon steel pipelines to HDPE Pipes and they really did a great job.”


Engr. Donato Santos, Mech. Maintenance Manager - CBK​

“RGR is a good partner for the installation of our air lines for the compressor. They really know what they are doing and they will really give you a very good result.”


Paul John Alcantara, Systems Engineer - KAESER​

“I tried them just once for the Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs on one of the Navy Ships. and I am very impress that they really did a great job. Their cost is also cheaper compare to other hydraulic technicians. I am looking forward to do business with them again in the future.”


Ruth Bautista, Business Developer