If you have been dreaming, researching, sketching and planning for a while and wants to turn those dreams into reality, we can help you do that. We can give you a design and estimated quote for free. 

We typically book build spots 1 week in advance and a typical custom home takes 8-10 weeks from the time we start on your decided design. 

Our finished tiny homes can be built for anywhere between PHP 260,000 to PHP 650,000 or more, depending on the final design. A few major factors that decide the majority of the cost includes:

1. Length of the Tiny House will be built on (10’ - 20’+) and (10’ to 30’+) 
2. Quality of materials used for interior/exterior sidings. 
3. Type and quantity of windows 
4. Quality of fixtures 
5. How much custom work is done (Ex. Custom made cabinets and counter tops,

built-in shelving, custom stairs, radiant heated flooring, custom made furniture,

and more.
6. Type of system you choose. (propane, electric, solar, etc) 

For you to have a better view, a basic 20’ tiny home built using simple materials will be closer to PHP 260,000 and for a 30’ with loft custom built home quality materials might cost closer to PHP 650,000 to PHP 950,000, or more. An average tiny home (10’ x 20’) with standard quality finishes will be around PHP 260,000 – PHP 300,000 only. All our custom builds are priced individually. 



1. LP Smart Side siding and trim 
2. Tuff-rib metal roofing 
3. Standard Aluminum Windows 
4. Tongue and groove interior 
5. Stock wood-faced cabinets and storage 
6. Rustic wood plank or stock butcher block counter tops 
7. Laminated or Engineered wood flooring 
8. Standard composting toilet 
9. Low profile bathroom sink 
10. Standard wiring with panel boards 
11. Standard plumbing 
12. Fiberglass shower insert 
13. Stock accent materials 

We can also supply you 10', 20' or 40' Container Vans and we can do modifications of it depending on the clients requirement, whether it is for temporary office, food kiosk, restaurants, houses, dorms, school and others. We also have PREFAB STEEL STRUCTURE for Gymnasiums, Warehouses and Buildings.